Naomi's Homepage Dedicated in Memory of my dear friends Brad Waara Oct.21, 1981-Aug.18, 2001 , Jason Krans Feb.16,1974-Dec.14, 1999, and all the other Angels who once walked the Earth!

Always in My Heart Forever living on in my Soul...this page is My Dedication to your Memory!

Hi there~~~ Welcome to my Homepage which I dedicate to the memory of my friends Brad and Jason!
I am 25 years old and am currently living in East Lansing,Michigan
I am originally from the Upper Penisula Calumet/Laurium and that will be the majority of the pictures on the photo page that I post on my site!
But you will definetly see alot of Angels on this page too ...The presence of Angels is all around us and I feel that deeply.
There are also friends who I may not mention by name in this page who have left this Earth, But all have also impacted my life and all are dearly missed!
This is a tribute to All the Angels who have once walked this Earth..I am honored to have known them and I treasure the memories!
~Love bears all things,
believes all things,
hopes all things,
endures all things.
Love never ends.

The soul of a person is the most beautiful attribute you can have, Beauty on the outside fades...But the depth of the heart and soul of a person is what is true and lasting!
Occasionally, we are graced with the presence of an earth
bound angel. They are unable to stay with us for long, but
while they do, they bring unprecedented joy and happiness to
all they touch. While they are here, we bask in their goodness
and marvel at their contribution to the world. When they
leave, we are left with the devastation that comes with losing
such a wonderful being...but we must remember...the earth
bound angels are not ours to keep. They are ours to enjoy,
learn from, and behold until they return home.~

This is what prompted me to make this website,I started it the day after Brad passed away,this is the very first entry I made to the page---August 19, Yesterday a good friend of mine tragically passed away this is a sad time for me !! Please just make sure to treasure each moment you have with a friend or loved one..for yesterday is history ,tommorow is a mystery,today is the present treat each day as if it may be your last. Each person that touches our lives now holds a special place in our hearts and souls!!!!Brad you are MISSED more than you can ever know! How do you go on when you loose and exceptional friend, No-one knows how the heart will mend. He will always be in my heart and in my mind , He was a once in a lifetime. a real true find. I know we will meet again in the Heavens someday, He's my Guardian Angel now, he'll help show me the way.

Treat everyone in your life as if it may be the last time you will see them..Life is so fragile. So always make sure to say those "I love you" "thank you" or anything else you may want to say because today may be the last say you will see them! I have had alot of friends of mine pass away and I would give anything for that one last time!

"Dance like there is no one watching, Work as if you don't need the money, and most of all Love as if you have never been hurt"

My Love of Angels..
Angels have always been a big part of my life...I collect them and have always felt they have a strong presence in my life.
I have lost alot of people who I care about and love and it is a pain that cannot fit into words...I feel they are now Angels and are watching over us!
I am 25 and even at my age I have lost many friends who were also very young..some due from suicide,some from car accidents and other unforseeable misfortunes..I miss them more than they could ever know..!

This is my way of honoring their Memory!
Kisses up to the Heavens!
We are,each of us Angels with one wing. And we can fly only be embracing each other though life..And when our lives on Earth ore over we would have earned the ability to fly to Heaven alone!

Updates are made often to my site, So make sure to check back...And I am always making new links and pages *they are on the headliner on all of the pages!*